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Why should you choose us ?

Your business depends on your decisions ! 


       Instead of posting smiling faces here in order to convince you in such a silly way that I am a nice and trustworthy attorney as ALL others do I prefer just to state here that during my 42 years of practice I went through the cases which were assigned to me as thoroughly and efficiently as I was allowed by the law and charged casual rates as such are written in my Terms and Rates.


        Also, regarding my specializations please bear in mind that :

1) Enforcement proceedings is a totally separate chapter in the Greek Civil Procedure Law  and a specialization by itself as  well that requires meticulous care and persistence by the attorney  to be accomplished.

      Even the last attorney on earth will eventually win some court cases during his lifetime. However, the real problem lays whether the enforcement of the judgment is feasible and/or satisfactory or not.

      This is where my law firm stands, handing carefully the case up to the final payment.


2) Collections is not only pressing the debtors my phone/email/fax/mail o. You have to distinguish whether you want a plain phone call center to do the collection for you or a specialized attorney to guide you first whether you have a sound case and second, in the affirmative a) to take all steps out of court  and if this fails b) to take actions before the appropriate  judge in order to collect for you. 


3) And last but not least don’t forget the axiom saying :

 «Τime lapse is the safest refuge of the debtor».

Or in other words

Vigilantibus non dormientibus iura subveniunt:

The laws serve the vigilant, not those at rest”.

Many know their legal rights are only enforceable within a certain period of time, the “Statute of Limitations”, but few know how long that period is. Even fewer know the time requirements for filing answers, filing motions, or other procedural rules. Failure to abide by statutory or local court deadlines can prove fatal to the claims or defenses of a party. “I didn’t know, your honor”, falls squarely under the category of

 Ignorantia iuris non excusat:

Ignorance of the law excuses no one”.


   All these reasons above are for you to consider when you wonder to which  law firm you will assign your cases(s) in order to collect for you and  enforce your judgments as well.

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